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Next Art Club Field Trip


Next Wednesday, November 16th, the Art Club will be going to the Makerspace at the Downtown Library. A makerspace is a place where creative people can gather, create, invent, and learn. Customers of the Library have access to 3D printers, audio and visual equipment, laser cutters and engravers, sewing machines, cameras and other hardware and software tools that they can use for free to create pretty much anything they can imagine.  

We have a tour scheduled from 3:30-4:30.   We will be leaving by 2:45 from the Art room and returning around 5:00. If you are a current or former art student or someone who just likes art and are interested in attending this field trip, please stop by the Art Room by MONDAY to sign up and pick up a field trip form.  Please see Mrs. Plagge or Mr. Buetsche if you have any questions.

To find out more information about the Library's Makerspace and the equipmnet they have you can go to  ttp://