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2019 Annual Mascot Mashup Challenge

For several years now, the Fundamentals of Art classes have participated in the Annual March Madness Mascot Mashup Challenge.  They randomly pick two schools that are matched up in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and are challenged to combine both (or 3 if they were lucky enough to pick a play in game) schools’ mascots into a fabulous, exciting and sometimes creepy new mascot.  The new mascots go head to head in a bracket where students vote on which is the most creative mascot. 

 See the winning image and all the winners on the Event Photos Tab

The winning mascot this year came from Will Busken ‘22 combining Maryland, Belmont and Temple.

2nd place was created by Paul Tenhundfeld ‘22 combining VCU and UCF.

There was a tie for 3rd between Caleb Freed ‘22 combining Houston and Georgia State and Richard Rutherford ‘22 combining UC and Iowa.